The Magical History Tour: Port-au-Prince, Part 1

  We spent most of Tuesday and Wednesday, our first two days, reuniting with friends and family who had either never left Haiti, or who had chosen to return out of love, for work, or both. Among the former group, were my aunt, and three of my mother’s cousins, the aforementioned pressers of uniform pleats, […]

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Our 2011 Chinese odyssey consisted of five cities: Beijing, Xi’an,Chonqing,Yichang, and Shanghai. In two weeks, we flew six times, cruised the Yangtze River, and just for fun, rode the world’s fastest train. July 7 & 8, 2011 As I write, we’re three and a half hours into a 13.5 hr. plane ride to Beijing. T’s […]

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Morning in Delhi

We’re in India!!  Travel was long but remarkably smooth, including immigration and customs.  New Delhi’s Indira Gandhi Aiprort is beautiful and looks brand new.  We met our driver, Ashok, at the arrivals gate.  He speaks a fair amount of English but he’s pretty soft-spoken/shy– we’re going to be spending nine days together, so we’ve got […]

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